Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia

Bangkok Volunteer Groups #86 & #87!

Presenting Bangkok Volunteer Groups #86 & #87! Two small groups of two volunteers each. These volunteers and interns are from Canada, the USA, the UK, and France. These volunteers and interns participated in our Medical Internship, Teaching Monks and English Education Volunteer Projects. We still have space in many of our volunteer and intern projects for the summer. If interested in viewing a list of our different program opportunities, please visit our projects page.

Bangkok Volunteer Group #86

May, 2019

  1. Breenna Dobson, Ontario, Canada, Medical Internship (3 weeks)

  2. Makena Mette, South Dakota, USA, Medical Internship (4 weeks)

Bangkok Volunteer Group #87

May, 2019

  1. Augusto Mizutani Tsubouchi, London, UK, Teaching Monks (2 weeks)

  2. Nicola Falk, Cerisy-la-Foret, France, English Education (3 weeks)