Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia

Bangkok Volunteer Group 36

Presenting Bangkok Volunteer Group 36! This group arrived last week, went through orientation over the weekend and started in their projects on Monday. A diverse group of five volunteers, coming from Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, and the USA. These volunteers are participating in our English Education, Kindergarten and Orphanage Volunteer Projects.

Volunteer Bangkok 36

Bangkok Volunteer Group 36

Mid-August, 2016

  1. Mattia Gaggi, Rome, Italy, English Education (2 weeks)

  2. Chelsea Ruocco, New York, USA, Kindergarten (2 weeks)

  3. Annabel Merkl, Mannheim, Germany, Orphanage (6 weeks)

  4. Nadine Weltevreden, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, English Education (3 weeks)

  5. Isobel Gooch, Washington D.C., USA, English Education (2 weeks)