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Bangkok Volunteer Group 35

Presenting our Bangkok Volunteer and Intern Group #35! An extremely diverse group of volunteers and interns. A total of 8 volunteers and interns coming from the USA, Italy, Poland, Australia, Sri Lanka and Ireland. Most of the participants in this group are participating in our Medical Internship, along with one in our Bangkok Kindergarten and one in our English Education Volunteer Projects. They arrived late last week, and started their projects on Monday.


Bangkok Volunteer Group 35

Bangkok Volunteer and Intern Group #35

mid-July, 2016

  1. Justin Robinson, Alabama, USA, Medical Internship (2 weeks)

  2. Giulia Fanny Cabri, Rozzano, Italy, Medical Internship (2 weeks)

  3. Daria Dabrowska, Mazowsze, Poland, Kindergarten Volunteer (4 weeks)

  4. Dean Ross, New South Wales, Australia, Medical Internship (2 weeks)

  5. Eva Cheng, California, USA, Medical Internship, (2 weeks)

  6. Taing Nandi Aung, Rhode Island, USA, Medical Internship, (2 weeks)

  7. Amaya Geekiyanage Dona, Colombo, Sri Lanka, Medical Internship (2 weeks)

  8. Nadia Kirwan, Mullingar, Ireland, English Education (4 weeks)