Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia

Bangkok Thailand Volunteer Group #15

Presenting our Friends for Asia Bangkok Volunteer and Intern Group #15. Although this group is of only ten new volunteers and interns, we have a mix of different nationalities represented – 5 Americans, 2 Canadians, 1 Spaniard, 1 Swiss, and 1 Russian. This group is a few weeks into the projects already, and having a good experience, and enjoying the sights, sounds and excitement of Bangkok!

Volunteer Bangkok Group 15

Bangkok Volunteer and Intern Group #15

  1. Kelly Shearon, Arizona, USA – Bangkok Kindergarten Volunteer.

  2. Ashley Morgan, New York, USA – Bangkok Refugee Support.

  3. Vivy Phan, Taxas, USA – Bangkok Medical Internship.

  4. Sarah Kostenbader, Svirza, Switzerland – Bangkok Women’s Empowerment.

  5. Ekaterina Siver, Vladimir, Russia – Bangkok English Education.

  6. Jincheng Weng,Quebec, Canada – Bangkok English Education.

  7. Nicole Kristoff, Oxford, USA – Bangkok Refugee Support.

  8. Claudia Teixido Font, Catalunya, Spain – Bangkok Kindergarten Volunteer.

  9. Ko Mi yui Kristen, Vancouver, Canada – Bangkok Medical Internship.

  10. Carl Hoffman, Sanford, USA – Medical Internship and Womens Empowerment