Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia

Bangkok Volunteer Group #20

Presenting Bangkok Volunteer Group #20! This group participated in our projects in November, and we are a little late here on posting their group photo. Well, better late then never! This group had eight volunteers from Germany, Canada, Austria, Australia and the UK. They participated in our English Education, Womens Empowerment, Orphanage, Kindergarten and Teaching Monks Projects. A great group, and we thank them for their service and assisting the people of Thailand!

Bangkok Volunteer Group 20

Friends For Asia Bangkok Thailand Group #20

  1. Philipp Dreyer from Osnabruck , Germany – English Education Project 2 weeks

  2. Justus Wehage from Osnabruck , Germany – English Education Project 2 weeks

  3. Nora Mirija Schmidt from Freiburg, Germany – English Education and Orphanage 4 weeks

  4. Marina Brubacher from Calgary, Canada – Women’s Empowerment 2 weeks

  5. Barbara Simhandl from Purkersdorf, Austria – Teaching Monks 2 weeks

  6. Julianne Clark from Adelaide, Australia – Women’s Empowerment 2 weeks

  7. Anna Baalk from Beender, Germany – Teaching monks 4 weeks

  8. Sophie Dodsom from Milton Kenynes, United Kingdom – Kindergarten 6 weeks