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Thailand Volunteer and Internship Application

We are happy to be able to provide placements for volunteers and interns again. As Thailand slowly begins to reopen to the world of incoming travelers, volunteers and interns, we are opening our programs in groupings. The first group is for our Chiang Mai based Teaching Projects, Elephant Nursery, and Women’s Empowerment Program. We hope to have our Medical Internship, Children’s Home and Bangkok based programs available for placement later this year.

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***** Currently only Chiang Mai based Programs are available. We hope to have our Bangkok based programs up and running later this year.
IF INTERESTED IN MULTIPLE PROJECTS, PLEASE SELECT MAIN PROJECT, AND LIST OTHER PROJECTS IN COMMENTS SECTION OF APPLICATION. Below all start dates are when programs begin (Monday). Volunteers and Interns are required to arrive into Chiang Mai on the Friday prior for weekend orientation.
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***** The Womens Empowerment Volunteer Project and Magazine Internship start at a 4 week minimum duration.
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Thailand is very different than the societies where most of our volunteers and interns are from. Therefore flexibility, patience and cultural sensitivity are very important. Please give an example from your experience about your flexibility,
(FOR VOLUNTEER APPLICANTS ONLY) If applying for a Volunteer placement (not medical internship), what do you believe you will most contribute to the program?
What do you believe you will most gain from participating in the project?
(FOR MEDICAL INTERNS ONLY) Please clearly outline your experience, training and education in the field of medicine and health care.
Multiple Projects Request, Comments, Questions, Special Health Conditions or Dietary Needs
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