Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia

10th Anniversary of First Volunteer

This month marks 10 years from when our organisation received its first-ever volunteer. We started our group with the primary goal of putting together volunteer projects throughout the region that would benefit the local residents and their communities, as well as the volunteers who join our programs. The Thailand branch is the newest locale for our organisation, so opportunities abound for those who are interested in giving back while also having a chance to see the world. 

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A Bit of History 

Our founder got his start in volunteering through the United States Peace Corps. In the summer of 2001, after graduating from college, he was stationed in Kyrgyzstan as an English teacher. However, the events of September 11 of that year destabilized the region, making it no longer safe for volunteers. He was then evacuated from the country and reassigned to northern Thailand, where he worked in educational administration for two years. 

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At the end of his Peace Corps service period, he chose to stay in Thailand to continue teaching English and supervising other instructors. To help further these goals, he started Friends for Asia, which has grown into the expansive volunteer organisation we have today. 

Our First Volunteer 

The first person to volunteer with our Thailand branch was a man named Dia Cooley. Hailing from Miami, Florida, Dia flew into Chiang Mai to join us for a two-day orientation program and tour of the city. He had come to the city to participate in our Teaching Monks Project. This initiative helped to teach English to novice Buddhist monks at a nearby monastery school. 

This is just one of the numerous projects we currently have going in Chiang Mai and throughout Thailand. In the time since Dia first joined us, more than 2,500 volunteers and interns have flowed through our doors. These volunteers work primarily in Chiang Mai and Bangkok, but we do have placements in more remote areas as well. 

Over the years, we and our volunteers have shared so many amazing memories, and we know there will be plenty more in the years to come. We are constantly seeking out new opportunities to give back. There is always something exciting on the horizon. 

Get Started with Volunteering 

We are always recruiting new volunteers to join our family, whether for a single project or for ongoing assignments. We provide all of the necessary training with regards to the local region and culture, and we welcome those who have specialized skill sets. In the past, we have worked with volunteers in a variety of fields, including medicine, language, education, childcare and more. 

Volunteering is a great way to see the world and broaden your horizons. Accommodation, daily breakfast and lunch on weekdays are all included in your volunteer fee. We ask that our volunteers commit to a minimum of two weeks with us, but after that, it is up to you how long you wish to stay. You can volunteer for a longer term or you can take advantage of your time overseas by doing some more travelling throughout the region. 

We welcome you to get in touch with us to learn more about the many volunteer opportunities we currently have available in Thailand and throughout Asia. The application process is quick and easy so you can be ready to get started in virtually no time at all. Our volunteer coordinators will be happy to answer all of your questions to help you decide if volunteering in Thailand is right for you. Reach out to us today for more information about our programs and to submit your application.